The Scrolls of Knowledge

Welcome seeker of wisdom to the Grand Illuminated Thunderbolt Syndicate Scrolls of Knowledge!

Many fine adventurers have died to bring you this ultimate guide to Quest, use the information contained within wisely, for many an adventurer has perished due to a misplaced trust in false information.

The Gods of Kharne

Choose your alignment carefully, select your chosen deity on the diagram for specific information on each God, and the miracles available to priests of each religion.

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Monster List

The GITS Beastiary

Many brave but foolhardy adventurers have fallen at the hands of one of the many monsters which inhabit Kharne. In many cases, had the adventuring party been better informed of the strengths an weaknesses of each monster type they would not have attempted to take on such a formidable foe. Click the monster on the right to enter the GITS Beastiary - your comprehensive guide to all the monsters which inhabit Kharne.

The Shop List

All the settlements on Kharne contain at least a small number of shops, selling everything from food and drink to magical weapons. Click on the image opposite to view the GITS comprehensive list of shop descriptions.

Shop Blurbs

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