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What is Quest?

Quest is a computer moderated game played by post. It is one of the most sophisticated Play-by-mail (PBM) games available, with hundreds of players from all over the world participating in each game. Quest is run in the UK by KJC Games. You can find out more information about KJC Games and the other games they run here and here.

What is the 'Grand Illuminated Thunderbolt Syndicate'?

The Grand Illuminated Thunderbolt Syndicate (G.I.T.S) are one of the oldest and most powerful alliances in Game 10 of Quest. They were originally formed by a small band of adventuring groups, and almost uniquely, are a neutral alliance - i.e. they do not require that their members are of any particular alignment. This does not mean that the GITS are ones to shy away from a fight however, during their lomg history GITS members have fought and destroyed many well-known enemies and enemy alliances. Today GITS membership continues to swell, many new groups being attracted by our unrivalled knowledge of the game and unique regular alliance newsletter - 'Kharne-ival' - with over 60 issues produced to date.

So what's available from the GITS website?

Latest Update: 3/3/98 - Email Section Now Online!
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