Quest File Download Section

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Questor Map Maker
(Win95 -1804k)
GITS Instructions for Questor
(Word 6)
Quest Mapping Program
(DOS - 81k)
Convert .map files to .bmp
(Win - 231k)
Quest Travel Calculator
(DOS - 28k)
Map Merger - merge 2 map files
(Win - 527k)


The GITS recommend Questor for mapping Kharne, due to the fact that it is FREE, can merge maps, produce bitmaps and calculate movement points required - all in one program. If you do not want to download such a large program please email me to have the software sent to you.

If you would like to send in Game 10 maps for merging with the main GITS map, please use Questor to produce the map file as other map formats are not compatible.

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