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Image 0
They like their churches in Quito, this is the first one we went into. Where I took some photos before I got Church fatigue.
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Image 1
This Church is still being built, and has been 'under construction' for 120 years.
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Image 2
It's apparently a replica of Notre Dame.
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Image 3
It's pretty grand in most of the churches. There was one where the inside was almost entirely covered in gold leaf. But you weren't allowed to take photos.
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Image 4
We climbed up that tower. There was a lift but the guide said he got stuck in it for 3 hours the week before so we took the stairs, then a ladder.
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Image 5
I think this leads down to the crypt.
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Image 6
View from the top of the tower of the city of Quito.
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Image 7
Another view from about halfway up the tower.
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