Red Alert 3

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Image 0
Pre-mission video briefing screen (Low Quality)
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Image 1
Infantry being launched from ships onto land (Low Quality)
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Image 2
A battalion of Soviet Stingrays (amphibious unit) use their tesla weapons against an enemy building (Low Quality)
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Image 3
Stingrays are joined by some other units (Low Quality)
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Image 4
Some Tesla troopers are assisted by a simultaneous satellite attack (Low Quality)
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Image 5
Mission introduction scene using game engine (High Quality)
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Image 6
More cutscene (High Quality)
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Image 7
Yet more cutscene (High Quality)
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Image 8
A dreadnought attacks my allies naval yard, which he quickly repairs. (High Quality)
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Image 9
A closer look at my base, a sea-based ore refinery right next to an ore mine. I have constructed some sea based anti-air guns, and am in the process of building a sea based tesla coil here. (High Quality)
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Image 10
A Soviets I instruct a satellite to de-orbit and some crashing down on my enemy - Bwahahahaha! (High Quality)
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Image 11
Land based Ore Refinery, right next to an ore mine (selected). A bunch of Flak Infantry hang about in my base, while my Naval Yard churns out Bullfrogs. These amphibious transports have excellent anti-air, and can carry up to 5 infantry at a time, they can then launch them from a man-cannon, so they can parachute down onto their target. (High Quality)
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Image 12
Hmmm, that Bullfrog doesn't look too healthy. (High Quality)
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Image 13
Some Twinblade helicopters (soviet) try to see off a dreadnought, but suffer under a combined attack from an Apollo fighter plane (allied) and a Bullfrog (soviet). Meanwhile a Akula submarine (soviet) keeps hidden on the sea floor.
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Image 14
All my helicopters are damaged! (High Quality)
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Image 15
My sub tries to get out the way to avoid a falling Kirov airship. (High Quality)
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Image 16
My Tesla troopers parachute onto the enemy island, they have been fired out of the Bullfrogs sitting just off the coast. (High Quality)
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Image 17
Hmmm, that's not looking healthy. (High Quality)
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Image 18
After some cheeky feckers took out my sea-based Ore Refinery, I'm having to built a replacement. (High Quality)
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