Baldas and Choccy's Wedding! (19th June 2004)

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BaldasWedding 002.jpg
It's the 19th June 2004, and time for the traditional wedding of Baldas and Choccy, which is being held this year for the first time ever!
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Image 1
BaldasWedding 003.jpg
Relatives have come from far and wide to check for themselves...
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Image 2
BaldasWedding 004.jpg
..that Baldas has not been making it all up.
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Image 3
BaldasWedding 005.jpg
Those trying the kilt for the first time discover draughts in unfamiliar places
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Image 4
BaldasWedding 006.jpg
"Take him away, and not before time!" exclaims Baldas' Gran.
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Image 5
BaldasWedding 007.jpg
Time for some dutch courage, as everyone is ready in plenty of time.
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Image 6
BaldasWedding 008.jpg
There's even time for some individual portrait shots....
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Image 7
BaldasWedding 009.jpg
Choccy's brother, Stephen.
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Image 8
BaldasWedding 010.jpg
Baldas' sisters boyfriend, Nick.
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Image 9
BaldasWedding 011.jpg
Aldo Broon Age 30(ish), athletic figure, GSOH. Seeks 20-ish stunner, must be self-financing and have own car.
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Image 10
BaldasWedding 014.jpg
An excellent shot, spoiled only by the official photographers big heid.
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Image 11
BaldasWedding 015.jpg
"Own hair and teeth you said" exclaims Choccy "Well I've still got my teeth" counters Baldas.
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Image 12
BaldasWedding 017.jpg
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BaldasWedding 018.jpg
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BaldasWedding 019.jpg
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Image 15
BaldasWedding 022.jpg
Sindy enquires about refreshments...
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Image 16
BaldasWedding 023.jpg
...and quickly bypasses the tea and coffee for something that looks like it might be alcoholic.
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Image 17
BaldasWedding 024.jpg
Magnox is stunned when the photographer comments he looks like someone famous, although I think he had knocked back a few PIMMS by then too.
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Image 18
BaldasWedding 025.jpg
Some kind of lens distortion effect at work here.
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Image 19
BaldasWedding 027.jpg
Faced with four men in kilts, Sindy the photographer goes shaky-hand-man.
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Image 20
BaldasWedding 028.jpg
Splodge and Krusty.
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Image 21
BaldasWedding 029.jpg
Magnox and Sindy.
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Image 22
BaldasWedding 030.jpg
After the fantastic speeches, everyone is enjoying themselves.
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Image 23
BaldasWedding 031.jpg
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Image 24
BaldasWedding 032.jpg
The first dance.
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