New GonadoVision Staff! (2002)

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Following our tremendously popular competition to name 'Brian Spock' the new character at, GonadoVision are proud to present "Name that character 2002".
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First up is our handy hardware repair man, hailing from Liverpool, this guy is the first port of call for hardware faults.
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With more metal holding his teeth together than you would find in the average PC, he's ideally suited to the job.
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Image 3
Armed with the tools of his trade, and his cheeky scouse catchphrase "Calm down, calm down, calm down" it will take him only seconds to ensure your PC...
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Image 4
...will no longer be a problem.
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Name this character now - we're waiting for your call!
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Second up is this new chap, our accountant/admin guy. He's getting on a bit, but likes to merge in to our modern IT company with his trendy ponytail.
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Image 7
eing in management means he's not short of a bob or two, despite not knowing what way round his mouse goes. He'd be the first to admit, he does not want to be concerned "with the minutae of the technicalities"
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Image 8
Managing the business is where it's at, and for that he needs to maintain a professional, and competent high class image.
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You don't get any higher class than this. That gold tooth cost 2500.
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Name this character now - we're waiting for your call!
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And let these new characters take their rightful place alongside the other legends in the staff at GonadoVision!
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