The Official mouse mat!

What better accompaniment for your desk mug than this stylish mousemat?
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A classic design of mousemat, this quality item bears the image of Internet Jim, and the slogan.

For your convenience, the web address of your favourite page is also included - of course! Never again will you accidentally type the wrong URL, for it will be printed in easy to read text RIGHT UNDER YOUR FINGERTIPS!

Featuring a non-slip foam rubber base, and a hardened plastic top, this mousemat is compatible with ANY standard mouse, and would be a perfect addition to your PC set-up.

Fully tested with a number of operating systems, if treated properly, this item will porvide many hours of trouble-free use, whatever you use your mouse for - be it games, work, email, surfing the web, etc.

There are many other uses for this item too, use it as a placemat for those exclusive dinner parties to lend the evening a certain style, a very small doormat, or simply hang it on the wall as a stylish and interesting picture.

* No guarantees are given or implied for any use of the mousemat, including but not limited to, use with a computer mouse.
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