The Official desk mug!

Amaze and impress your friends with this stylish Constellar Mug!
Email: for details!

Yes indeed, you too can be the proud owner of a VERY limited edition* desk mug - for less than the cost of a round of drinks!

Think of the hours of drinking pleasure you will get from this excellently crafted mug, perfect in every detail, the team of graphic designers have cut no corners in the delicate etching of the unique and interesting design.

On one side the mug bears the "DON'T DO IT!" slogan as well as the OFFICIAL website address and our OFFICIAL catchphrase, while in stark contrast, emphasising the Ying and Yang of universal harmony, the other side bears a UNIQUE and SPECIALLY APPROVED image of arch criminal Internet Jim, resplendent in his 1970s style long collared shirt, 1970s tie, and bottle-green tank-top - An image which proudly exclaims to all your friends and associates that the owner of this mug has a discerning eye for quality.

An item to be passed down from generation to generation, your grandchildren will thank you again and again for bringing them this timeless gift. A gift you can share with the entire family, and which will bring many hours of simple pleasure.

Suitable as an ornament, a dining room talking point, a plant pot, a makeshift ashtray, or any number of other uses, the mug is an item that you will treasure forever.

* Actual numbers of 'Limited Edition' desk mugs may be dictated by demand.
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