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Customer Feedback!

So many people have contacted us to say how much they enjoy the multimedia experience that only can offer, so we thought it was about time that we provided an area for customer feedback, both for the content on the site, and for our excellent and unique merchandise!

If you have some feedback on the content of the site, or our excellent merchandise, please send it to us here at:

If possible, please enclose a photo.

We look forward to receiving your comments, here are the ones we have received so far:

"I was truly amazed to recieve my desk mug, it is almost too good to put coffee in. But it will have the pride of place on my office desk from now on!" Mr B.
"I thought it was Christmas all over again when my desk mug arrived! The quality is second to none, and now I refuse to drink from anything else!" Mr. BR
"I am a man who can tell a quality item when I see it, and let me tell you, the desk mug is one of the best examples of quality that I have seen for a long time. I am a keen purchaser of collectible items out of the back pages of Sunday magazines, which often turn out to be disappointing, but this item has exceeded all my expectations, Thank you!" Mr K.
"I used to have problems in pubs and clubs, as for some reason I always seemed to spill my drinks all down my shirt, the glasses and cups in public places were always a challenge for me - but now, armed with my desk mug, I can go out with confidence, and return with a completely dry shirt!" Mr J.
"I love the shape of the desk mug, it has to be one of the best designed mugs I have ever seen, and as a European, that is quite a recommendation, Thankyou so much!" Ms P.
"Thanks for my desk mug - I JUST CAN'T PUT IT DOWN! I like to take it with me everywhere I go, as an item of this quality is never out of place. Rest assured I will be recommending merchandise to all my friends." Ms L.

Customer names have been changed to protect the identities of those concerned. In addition customer comments may be ficticious, and are not necessarily attributable to customers of, or any person, living or dead. Positive comments do not imply an endorsement or awareness of any particular product. Individuals pictured may or may not be actual customers of
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